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C180 - Seed
C180 - Seed
Lithops dinteri ssp. frederici C180. Minute white spotted bodies. Location - 30 km North West of Pofadder, South Africa.
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Oz Lithops

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Welcome to Oz Lithops!


If, like me, you are interested in Lithops and you are in Australia, you will probably have discovered by now just how difficult it is to obtain these wonderous plants or their seeds. Interest in Lithops is reasonably high in Australia, considering their obscurity, however most people are put off trying to grow them simply because of the difficulty or costs involved in obtaining plants or seeds.


What's Changed?


Very little has changed, Lithops are still difficult to obtain, however, they are becoming more prevalent by way of on-line auction sites (like e-Bay™ and Quicksales™ [Oztion™]) and some are available at good prices. Plants supplied from overseas must meet strict quarantine regulations to protect Australia's biodiversity, and rightly so, and unless you are importing vast numbers, the costs involved are beyond most individuals. When I first attempted growing Lithops, I purchased the six packets of commercially available seed in my State. Each $5.75 packet had 15 seeds and without even basic growing instructions, I was soon left dismayed at their difficulty and not very keen to spend that much again just to be met with failure.


Hopefully, on this site you will find enough information to show you that Lithops are neither too difficult to grow or too expensive to try.

 We occasionally have other genera available, e.g. Titanopsis, Pleiospilos, Aloinopsis and Argyroderma.

(Please see the 'Seeds of other Genera' listing in our catalogue)

Check out our catalogue pages to see Lithops seeds and plants available to buy.

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Our plants are available to Australian customers only. Please ensure you are aware of any quarantine restrictions applicable to your State as we cannot provide any certification. Thank You.


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