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Lithops julii ssp/v fulleri 'Limelight' (F3 seeds). A glowing lime coloured beauty ex C259, recently established.

(10 seeds, limit of 5 packets per person)
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On this site you will find enough information to show you that Lithops are neither too difficult to grow or too expensive to try.


Check out our catalogue pages to see what is currently available.


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If you are looking for any information, please have a look at the "Information" panel on the left hand side before emailing us with questions, thank you.


Our plants are available to Australian customers only. Please ensure you are aware of any quarantine restrictions applicable to your State or Country as we cannot provide any certification. Thank You.




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Reb. Violaciflora - Seed
Reb. Violaciflora - Seed
Rebutia violaciflora. Lilac/violet flowers.
Valid only for 16 days!
Stock: 23 Stock Status
Reb. Lilacino-Rosea. - Seed
Reb. Lilacino-Rosea. - Seed
Rebutia lilacino-rosea. Beautiful pink flowers. 
Valid only for 16 days!
Stock: 6 Stock Status