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Fred'sRedhead - Plant
Fred'sRedhead - Plant
Lithops lesliei 'Fred's Redhead'. Much sort after neon red lesliei.
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Lithops Plants

Lithops plants for sale. Plant price is each. Plants are generally one to two years old but sometimes up to four years old. Some are in limited quantities. Please Note: We CANNOT ship plants Internationally.


Aucamp (Niekerkshoep) - Plant

Lithops aucampiae (Niekerkshoep). Pattern of red nerves. Location - Niekerkshoep, South Africa.
Stock: 3 Stock Status
C010 - Plant

Lithops lesliei ssp/v lesliei (grey Form) C010. Lacy windows. Type Location: 70 km West of Mafikeng, South Africa.
Stock: 1 Stock Status
C016 - Plant

Lithops aucampiae ssp. aucampiae v. koelemanii C016. Red network, matte surface. Type Location: 35 km North West of Postmasburg, South Africa.
Stock: 9 Stock Status
C045 - Plant

Lithops hallii v. hallii C044. Network of fine to course lines. Location - 15 km South West of Upington, South Africa.
Stock: 1 Stock Status
C046 - Plant

Lithops aucampiae ssp/v aucampiae C046. Special texture, very pretty. Location - 5 km North East of Griquatown, South Africa.
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C078 - Plant

Lithops gesinae v. annae C078. Warm orange colors, truncate. Location - 25 km South West of Helmeringhausen, Namibia.
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C097 - Plant

Lithops pseudotruncatella ssp. pseudotruncatella v. riehmerae (syn. edithiae) C097. Light stones with etchings. Location - 50 km South East of Windhoek, Namibia.
Stock: 11 Stock Status
C100 - Plant

Lithops pseudotruncatella ssp/v pseudotruncatella (syn. mundtii) C100. Tan, mossy patterns. Location - 135 km North East of Windhoek, Namibia.
Stock: 2 Stock Status
C102 - Plant

Lithops ruschiorum v. ruschiorum (syn. nelii) C102. Whitish grey bodies. Location: 20 km East of Cape Cross, Namibia.
Stock: 1 Stock Status
C111A - Plant

Lithops hallii v. ochracea 'Green Soapstone' C111A.  Pale green freak. Location - 35 km West North West of Prieska, South Africa.
Stock: 2 Stock Status
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