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Dinterops (white flower) - Seed
Dinterops (white flower) - Seed
Lithops Dinterops (Lithops x Dinteranthus) F2 hybrid. Easy to grow, unusual Lithops. Seed from white flowered Dinterops. (yellow also available)
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Lithops Seeds

Seed price is per packet. (A packet contains between 20 and 30 seeds, unless otherwise noted.) Seeds are packed in new Glassine envelopes and are individually labelled. (International orders - Seeds are labelled with the full botanical name.)

C071 - Seed

Lithops pseudotruncatella ssp. dendritica (syn. pulmonuncula) C071. Little kidneys! Location - 50 km West North West of Rehoboth, Namibia.
Stock: 21 Stock Status
C073 - Seed

Lithops pseudotruncatella ssp. dendritica C073. Shallow lines, pale face. Location - 95 km West South West of Rehoboth, Namibia.
Stock: 7 Stock Status
C074 - Seed

Lithops schwantesii ssp. schwantesii v. urikosensis (syn. christinae) C074. Deep channels. Location - 50 km West of Maltahöhe, Namibia.
Stock: 3 Stock Status
C076 - Seed

Lithops schwantesii ssp/v schwantesii C076. Pinkish grey, mottled red lines. Location - West of Maltahohe, Namibia.  
Stock: 37 Stock Status
C078 - Seed

Lithops gesinae v. annae C078. Warm orange colors, truncate. Location - 25 km South West of Helmeringhausen, Namibia.
Stock: 10 Stock Status
C080 - Seed

Lithops schwantesii ssp/v schwantesii C080. Rusty pink, brilliant. Location - 30 km SW of Helmeringhausen, Namibia.
Stock: 28 Stock Status
C084 - Seed

Lithops dinteri ssp. dinteri v. brevis C084. Tiny stonelike heads. Location - 20 km South East of Vioolsdrif, South Africa.

Stock: 39 Stock Status
C086 - Seed

Lithops salicola (maculate form) C086. Large windows, striking. Location - South East of Hopetown, South Africa.
Stock: 44 Stock Status
C090 - Seed

Lithops hallii v. hallii C090. Dark grey brown top, red lines. Location - 50 km North West of Hopetown, South Africa.
Stock: 42 Stock Status
C091 - Seed

Lithops hookeri v. susannae C091. Deep jagged lines, grey. Location - 10 km North of Britstown, South Africa.
Stock: 24 Stock Status
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