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C012 - Seed
C012 - Seed
Lithops aucampiae ssp/v. aucampiae (Kuruman form) C012. Type Location: 10 km East of Kuruman, South Africa.
Stock: 50 Stock Status


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Lithops Seeds

Seed price is per packet. (A packet contains between 20 and 30 seeds, unless otherwise noted.) Seeds are packed in new Glassine envelopes and are individually labelled. (International orders - Seeds are labelled with the full botanical name.)

C132A - Seed

Lithops terricolor 'Silver Spurs'  C132A. Grey spotted, white flowers. Type Location - 40 km East of Laingsburg, South Africa. (10 seeds, maximum of three packets per person)
Stock: 26
C133 - Seed

Lithops terricolor (syn localis) C133. Pale grey blue top, many spots. Location - 25 km South of Beaufort West, South Africa.
Stock: 50
C134 - Seed

Lithops terricolor (Prince Albert form) C134. Grey/brown, darker dots. Location - North of Prince Albert, South Africa.
Stock: 49
C135 - Seed

Lithops hallii v. hallii (brown form) C135. Red dots, brown lines. Location - 20 km South East of Strydenburg, South Africa.
Stock: 59
C136 - Seed

Lithops hallii v. hallii (brown form) C136. Grey/brown tinged pink. Location - 35 km East North East of Strydenburg, South Africa.
Stock: 45
C137 - Seed

Lithops hookeri v. marginata C137.Pinkish with indented green windows. Location - East of Hopetown, South Africa.
Stock: 60
C141 - Seed

Lithops lesliei ssp. lesliei v. mariae C141. Mossy brown patterns on an dull orange face. Location - 10 km South West of Boshof, South Africa.
Stock: 35
C142A - Seed

Lithops hallii v. ochracea C142A. Location: 30 km North West of Niekerkshoop, South Africa.
Stock: 35
C143A - Seed

Lithops karasmontana ssp. bella C143A. Striking zebraic pattern. Location - North North East of Aus, Namibia.
Stock: 57
C143B - Seed

Lithops schwantesii ssp/v schwantesii (syn. triebneri) C143B. Mustard with red streaks. Location - 60 km North North East of Aus, Namibia.
Stock: 70
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Reb. Flavistyla - Seed
Reb. Flavistyla - Seed
Rebutia flavistyla. Pretty orange flowers.
Valid only for 14 days!
Stock: 20 Stock Status
Gymnocalycium Baldianum - Seed
Gymnocalycium Baldianum - Seed
Gymnocalycium baldianum. Lovely pink/red/orange flowered form. (approximately 50 seeds)
Stock: 3 Stock Status