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C395 - Seed
C395 - Seed
Lithops aucampiae ssp/v aucampiae 'Jackson's Jade' C395. Green form aucampiae, yellow flowers. (also collected as C395A)
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Seeds of other Genera

Seed price is per packet. (A packet contains between 20 and 30 seeds, unless otherwise noted.) Seeds are packed in new Glassine envelopes and are individually labelled. (International orders - Seeds are labelled with the full botanical name.)

C.angelicae GM183 - Seed

Conophytum angelicae ssp. angelicae GM183. Umdaus, red orange violet petals.
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C.ectypum - Seed

Conophytum ectypum v. brownii SB785. (Ratelpoort)
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C.ectypum RR1140 - Seed

Conophytum ectypum v. tischeri RR1140. Yellow flowers. Type Location: Aribes, near Steinkopf, Little Namaqualand.
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C.ectypumDGreen - Seed

Conophytum ectypum. Very dark green ectypum, same lovely long pink flowers.
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C.elishae - Seed

Conophytum elishae LAV27947.
Stock: 2 Stock Status
C.ernianum - Seed

Conophytum taylorianum ssp. ernianum. Bumpy pink keel.
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C.lambertense - Seed

Conophytum lambertense v. conspicuum. Holbak.
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C.lavisianum - Seed

Conophytum lavisianum. Southern bilobe type, Soebatsfontein.
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C.limpidum - Seed

Conophytum limpidum. Glassy green eyes.
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C.maughanii - Seed

Conophytum maughanii. 3 kilometres East of Pofadder, translucent pink-red balls. The photos does not do justice to these beautiful plants as they turn much redder than in the photos.
(maximum of 5 packets per person)
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