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White Rabbit - Seed
White Rabbit - Seed
Lithops 'White Rabbit'. Published by Oz Lithops in November 2016, this Lithops hybrid cultivar is for those collectors who demand something different and a challenge to grow. 'White Rabbit' is a hybrid between Lithops karasmontana v. eberlanziii and an unknown parent, although the suspects are Lithops optica and Lapidaria margaretae. From the publication: 'White Rabbit’ is bicuneate in shape, with a deep fissure and a wide cleft. In profile it is elongated and almost ovoid to a point where the two leaves resemble rabbit ears. Flowers are white, small with a tall pedicle and fruits are 5 locular producing tan seeds. The appearance of the leaves is opaque and smooth, mostly cream with a faint tan or brown broken line across the top and occasionally spotted on the sides. Other than this, there are no margins, channels, islands or windows which, along with the white flowers, lends the name 'White Rabbit’ perfectly.

'White Rabbit' could be considered as much of a mystery as Lithops steineckeana!! ...
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C271 - Seed
C271 - Seed
Lithops helmutii C271. Coke bottle green. Location - 15 km North East of Steinkopf, South Africa.
Stock: 48 Stock Status
C280 - Seed
C280 - Seed
Lithops otzeniana C280. Open, scalloped windows. Location - 45 km North North West of Loeriesfontein, South Africa.

Stock: 34 Stock Status
C.ernianum - Seed
C.ernianum - Seed
Conophytum taylorianum ssp. ernianum. Bumpy pink keel.
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