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CeskyGranat - Seed
CeskyGranat - Seed
Lithops otzeniana cv. 'Cesky Granat'. Lovely purple/pink/orange form otzeniana, rare, highly sort after.

(10 seeds, maximum of 2 packets per person.) ...
Stock: 17 Stock Status


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Other Plants

Various Mesembryanthemum and others, including any cacti.

AnacampFilmentosa - Plant

Anacampseros filamentosa. Columns of tiny round leaves.
Stock: 4
Cheiridopsis Peculiaris - Plant

Cheiridopsis peculiaris. Very peculiar indeed! Big yellow flowers.  
Stock: 7
Lapidaria margarethae - Plant

Lapidaria margarethae. The "Karoo Rose".
Stock: 2
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C.mixed - Seed
C.mixed - Seed
Conophytum seed, mixed species. Contains seed of those we have listed plus some that are in very small numbers, too few to list. Great for beginners.
Valid only for 3 days!
Stock: 15 Stock Status
Lophophora wiliamsii x caespitosa - Seed
Lophophora wiliamsii x caespitosa - Seed
Lophophora williamsii x caespitosa. An interesting cross looking for multiple headed williamsii's.
(10 seeds only)
Valid only for 32 days!
Stock: 1 Stock Status
Plei. Nelii - Seed
Plei. Nelii - Seed
Pleiospilos nelii. "Split Rock" plant. (10 seeds only)
Valid only for 3 days!
Stock: 21 Stock Status