Materials for starting Lithops.

Here's a list of the materials you can use for starting Lithops and some of the places you can get them in Australia. The list is not extensive but this should give you some ideas of what to look for and where to start looking. Most can be obtained from your local nursery, landscape supplier or hardware store. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners and I do not endorse any particular product or supplier.


Perlite, pots, spray bottle, Perspex™/Laserlite™/Sun Tuff™ polycarbonate (plastic) sheeting, "Mouse Mesh" and Cactus and Succulent potting mix.

Mitre 10™, Home Hardware™ and local hardware stores:

Perlite, pots, spray bottle, Perspex™/Laserlite™/Sun Tuff™ polycarbonate (plastic) sheeting, "Mouse Mesh" and Cactus and Succulent potting mix.

Cheap As Chips™, Red Dot™, Go Lo™, Chicken Feed™, $2 Shops:

Spray bottle, take away containers and some pots, mostly larger than required though.

Any business that advertises "Perspex™ cut to size"...

....will usually have shaded plastic and diffuser offcuts that they will let you have for free. You can also try your local recycling depot for fluorescent light diffusers as these are easily broken or damaged or may have been changed during an "office fitout".

Take-Away Resturants, Food Halls and lots of other food places!

Take away containers (obviously!). You can usually buy these at the larger supermarkets, generally in packs of 5 or 10, or the "two dollar shop" type stores. Don't forget to make a few drainage holes in the bottom.

Your local nurseryman..

All good nurseries will carry everything you need:

They will have a range of plastic pots or order them in for you. You may have to buy them in lots of 50 or more if they do not usually stock the size you are looking for. For growing-on Lithops, 60 to 70 millimeter is the ideal size. For starting seeds in pots, 50mm is ample and this size pot will easily handle one plant for 2 or 3 years. Cactus and Succulent potting mixes, spray bottles, Perlite, crushed stone for decoration and even heat mats or trays can be obtained. If your local nursery can't get you a heat mat and you really want one, try "Heat-n-Grow"™ on the Internet or check out your local pet shop that sells Lizards and the like as pets! If you want to experiment with mixes or find that the mix you are using stays too wet, go to a landscape supplier and get some crushed rock to mix with the potting mix. Some examples are crushed marble, scoria, dolomite and quartz and these should be around 3 to 5mm in size. Another good alternative is crushed red brick which may also be available from your pet shop as it is used in the bottom of vivariums (lizard/snake tanks) as sand. Almost any crushed rock is suitable but be aware that some rocks can be very alkaline.

Note: Crushed limestone is alkaline (Calcium Carbonate) and breaks down quite readily. Marble itself is formed from the metamorphism of limestone but does not break down very easily at all although, it is slightly porous and will turn green with moss as it absorbs some water.

On-Line Auction Sites.

Sites like e-Bay™ and Oztion™ are good places to look for anything you might need. You will often find Lithops seeds and plants, pots and heat trays just to name a few items. Seeds found on these sites can sometimes be bought at very reasonable prices however, if you are looking for seeds, why not have a look at our catalogue where you will find a good selection of seeds at realistic prices and without having to compete with other buyers.

It's worth paying that little bit extra to get a decent spray bottle rather than a cheapy. Cheaper ones tend to give up quickly and the dollar you save would be better off spent on a good quality one.


These seedlings are about two months old and around 3mm in diameter. They will double this size in about another six weeks. Some species, notably lesliei, will make this size within 2 weeks!


Much nicer to look at than terracotta but they don't dry out as fast. Some have poor drainage holes too.