Here are just a few pictures of the 400 or more different species, subspecies,  varieties, forms and cultivars of Lithops:

Lithops aucampiae ssp. euniceae var. fluminalis C054.


Lithops aucampiae is a large numbered species suited for the beginner. Species (sp.), Subspecies (ssp.) and variety (var. or v.) number around 25 so there are plenty of choices for any grower.


Lithops otzeniana C350.


One of a few otzeniana's, C350 is reasonably easy to germinate but takes longer than some. Readily available in smaller quantities, the otzeniana's have the nicest patterns in green and often show signs of pink.



Lithops lesliei 'Albinica' C036A A nice yellow/green pattern on this lesliei makes it a popular cultivar. The lesliei's are recommended for beginners and 'Albinica' germinates easily. .


Lithops karasmontana v. tischeri C182


Variety tischeri C182 is not the easiest karasmontana for beginners but the species karasmontana has about 50 named subspecies and varieties and this number includes variants from different locations.


Lithops dorotheae C124


With lovely zig zag brown and red patterns on a creamy background, Lithops dorotheae C124 stands out boldy. Also easy to germinate and readily available in smaller quantities.


Lithops comptonii C377


Not the easiest Lithops to grow but loves sunshine and with it's round purple-grey leaves it blends in very nicely with some of the decorative stones available from your local hardware store.


Lithops aucampiae (Kuruman form) C173


Lithops aucampiae (Kuruman form) C173 has rich chocolate markings, starts easily and grows quickly. .


Lithops terricolor (syn.peersii) C131


Lithops terricolor (syn. peersii) C131 is one of around 15 different terricolor's and one of four 'peersii's. All are typically spotted and C131 is pinkish with blue-grey spots. Although recommended for beginners, C131 has been more difficult to germinate than some others.


Lithops optica 'Rubra' C287


A very popular Lithops and deservedly so. Not the easiest to get started which makes it that little more elusive.


Lithops aucampiae 'Betty's Beryl' C389


A lovely aberrant colour form of the aucampiae species. This cultivar is a derivative of C395A, L. aucampiae 'Jackson's Jade'. The full name for this Lithops is: "Lithops aucampiae ssp. aucampiae v. aucampiae 'Betty's Beryl'. Quite a mouthful, but Lithops with subspecies, varieties and sometimes cultivar names quite often do not appear with their full name in lists.


Lithops bromfieldii v. insularis C043


A murky green/brown/redish Lithops worth growing just for the stone like colouring.