About Us

Oz Lithops are located in the Mid North of South Australia. All our seed and plants are produced from known material and are usually collector numbered (Cole, Hammer, Brack etc). We DO NOT produce wild "hybrids" to our own liking. Why not check out our products tab to see what we currently have available to purchase.


Some of the more desirable Lithops cultivars (eg Cesky Granat, Purper, Optica 'Rubra') are nearly always in short supply and and prices are generally higher. Seed numbers in these cases are usually restricted so your order may not get completely filled. Stock levels are shown in the product information.


Remember that you can plant Lithops at any time of the year, if you can supply them with warmth, otherwise it is best to plant in late Autumn or early Spring. Some species are particularly hard to obtain or very popular and are therefore priced at a premium whereas those that are easier to get started and grow are much more readily available and priced accordingly. You may have seen a Lithops that you just "have to have" but if you are just starting, you might be better off trying ones that will give you confidence before you get that special Lithops. A good choice for beginners is a packet of "mixed" seeds.


We also stock some cactus and other succulent seeds, please see the product categories.